• PALANT Boris

    PALANT Boris

    Partner, Palant & Lust PLLC, Buffalo School of Law, class of 1983. Member of the New York City Bar Association. “Super Laywer” award holder (Reuters).

    New York, USA

    Speaker of CECJ seminar in: New York

    Participation in such trainings is beneficial for the attendees because the knowledge and the new skills acquired during the seminar will help them identify optimal strategies for their clients, as well as pre-empt many legal team-related problems, because you will know what experts to engage in a business project or a court case. Since the U.S. – alas – is a notoriously litigious country (yet cases may be settled at the trial stage or when trial is imminent), the basic knowledge of the U.S. legal system, the principles of jurisdiction as well as judicial rules and procedures will always be substantially beneficial to lawyers who see themselves as working in the international arena. In addition, we — U.S. lawyers — find that communication with international colleagues is smoother if they understand how we think and operate within the U.S. legal space. I am confident that the investment in your own professional upgrade and education always pays off, especially if the programme is built in an exciting manner with interventions by foreign judges, prosecutors and lawyers. Exactly such content-rich and informative programmes are offered by the CECJ to international lawyers.