The topics for CECJ events are selected based on the analysis of needs of clients, with a focus on clients coming from the post-Soviet countries, who have business interests abroad

Most clients from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and other CIS countries prefer to solve their issues with the help of trusted lawyers in their country, and this translates into two distinct categories of participants in our seminars. The first category is represented by the aforementioned local lawyers from the CIS countries who know that at the CECJ events they will receive answers to their questions, will be able to determime the best case-specific strategy, choose the right jurisdiction for future projects, find foreign partners with multiple specialisms as to provide their clients with a quality solution. The second category is represented by legal professionals from the EU countries, Great Britain, Switzerland, USA, UAE, etc., who know that they will get access to comparative legal analysis within the framework of the stated topic and will establish new professional contacts for possible further cooperation with foreign colleagues including trusted lawyers from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and other CIS countries.