Специализации CECJ


Мероприятие CECJ может включать набор самых разных специализаций, относящихся к национальному праву отдельно взятой страны (например, налоговое планирование, миграционное право, регистрация компании, защита от уголовного преследования и тд). Мероприятие CECJ также может быть посвящено одной большой теме (например, права человека, спортивное право или экстрадиция) с участием десятка международных экспертов в соответствующей области права.

English law
Asset freezing
Bank accounts
Commercial aviation
Nuptial agreements
Debt recovery
International Air Law
Hague conference (HCCH)
Civil aviation
Business reputation protection
Intellectual property
Internet law
Information law
Recognition and enforcement
Credits and Loans
International law
International court of justice
International criminal law
International arbitration
Fashion law
Maritime law
Tax planning
Tax crimes
Inheritance & Succession
National law
Patent law
Asset search & Recovery
Children’s rights
Human rights
European Union (EU) law
Entertainment law
Division of matrimonial assets
Company registration
Sanctions law
Crypto assets
Real estate
Mergers & Acquisitions
International Sports Law
Sports contracts
Comparative legal analysis
Legal requalification abroad
Judicial system
Customs disputes
Criminal prosecution
Legal case management
Third party funding
Chemical weapons
Environmental law
Legal marketing
Legal profiling
Legal Tech
  • Copyright


    • National and international copyright registration and protection
    • Copyright types and protection across various jurisdictions
    • Copyright license agreements
    • Copyright disputes in foreign courts
    • (Il)legal use and distribution of copyrighted material
    • Copyright and technological protection measures
  • English law


    • English law and its principles
    • Court proceedings in England and Wales
    • Contrastive case studies (English law vs Civil law)
    • Applying English law to international contracts and transactions
    • Applying English law to international disputes
    • Legal profession (solicitors and barristers) in England & Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
  • Anti-doping


    • Anti-doping tools and methods in modern sport
    • Functions and powers of WADA and accredited laboratories
    • Interaction with National Anti-Doping Agencies (NADAs)
    • Maintaining the lists of prohibited substances and methods
    • Rules for obtaining and storing information about athletes
    • Biological passport of an athlete
    • Rules for Disclosure of Information on Prohibited Substances and Methods
    • Procedures for testing and investigating violations
    • Challenging court decisions
  • Asset freezing


    • Finding and targeting various assets of the defendant
    • Asset ownership (natural vs legal persons) and affiliate assets
    • Asset freezing orders: what has to be proved
    • How to obtain an asset freezing order in arbitration and litigation
    • Freezing different asset types in different jurisdictions
    • Challenging the asset freezing order
    • Lifting a freezing injunction: steps and requirements to discharge it
  • Bank accounts


    • Financial monitoring system for banking, anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing
    • How to open a bank account and activate financial monitoring, supporting documents
    • Client Due Diligence
    • Analysis of accounting documentation and transactions
    • Foreign bank accounts: powers of attorney, rules and restrictions
    • Freezing and unfreezing a bank account
  • Commercial aviation


    • Modern business aviation: trends and latest developments
    • International organizations in the field of commercial aviation (IATA, etc.): functions and powers
    • Representing individuals (pilots) and companies (airports, carriers, investors)
    • Air transportation transactions
    • Sponsorship and investment contracts
    • Business / commercial aviation and ADR
    • Recovery of insurance payments, damages and losses from aviation accidents and incidents
    • Legal issues of maintenance and service of business jets
  • Nuptial agreements


    • Disputes arising from pre- or post-nuptial agreements; matrimonial proceedings
    • Nuptial agreement with a foreign fiancé
    • Nuptial agreement types
    • Civil law notary and family law
    • Advice on domestic and international prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
    • Modifying or revoking a prenuptial / postnuptial agreement
  • Debt recovery


    • Cross-border collateral arrangements
    • Out-of-court debt recovery
    • Debt collection litigation
    • Effective remedies available to creditors
    • Successful debt management, debt relief and debt cancellation mechanisms: cooperation with debtors
  • International Air Law

    Air Law

    • Recovery of insurance payments, damages and losses from aviation accidents and incidents
    • Challenging airspace infringement
    • Aircraft registration, financing, purchase and leasing
    • Air Freight and Passenger Transportation Disputes
    • Disputes related to the activities of the airport, airlines, carriers and pilots
    • Passenger rights and risk insurance
  • Hague conference (HCCH)

    conference (HCCH)

    • HCCH instruments: conventions, treaties, protocols
    • International Child Abduction project: cooperation mechanisms
    • Family agreements involving children: cross-border view
    • Cohabitation outside marriage: registered couples, latest legislative trends worldwide
    • Parentage/ Surrogacy project
  • Civil aviation


    • International organizations in the field of civil aviation (IATA, IAC): functions and powers
    • Aircraft registration, financing, purchase and leasing
    • Challenging airspace infringement
    • Air Freight and Passenger Transportation Disputes
    • Disputes related to the activities of the airport, airlines, carriers and pilots
    • Passenger rights and risk insurance
    • Legal issues of maintenance and service of civil aircraft
    • Recovery of insurance payments, damages and losses from aviation accidents and incidents
  • Europol


    • Powers and operation of EUROPOL
    • Fighting international organized crime: coordination of national programmes
    • EUROPOL Information System (EIS): checks and references, storage, access, rectification, erasure, restriction, etc.
    • EUROPOL’s European Cybercrime Centre: cooperation issues
    • Migrant smuggling investigations
  • Business reputation protection

    reputation protection

    • National and international protection of business reputation
    • Protection of honour, dignity and business reputation: out-of-court mechanisms
    • Protecting the business reputation of individuals and corporations: judicial remedies
    • Cyber-libel and online defamation: what to do
    • Defamation law and moral damages
  • Immigration


    • Immigration pathways for different categories (investors, entrepreneurs, skilled workers, high-value migrants, family members)
    • Residence permit: application, renewal, work permits, documents and requirements
    • Tax residence
    • Citizenship & dual citizenship: application and requirements
  • Investments


    • Investing in local markets and investment incentives
    • Free economic zones, special industrial zones and technology parks
    • Investment risk management
    • Regulation of foreign investments
    • Foreign exchange contracts and loans in foreign currency
    • Cross-border transfer of funds (dividends, interest, loans)
    • Benefits and preferences for foreign capital
  • Intellectual property


    • Converting the result of intellectual activity (RIA) into intellectual property (IP)
    • Country-specific registration and protection of trademarks, trade names, copyrights and patents
    • Different regimes of intellectual property protection
    • Protecting the interests of copyright holders at the national and international level
    • Operation of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
  • Internet law


    • “The right to be forgotten” on the Internet: deleting your personal data
    • Blocking / unblocking access to content
    • Big Data and data depersonalization: protecting personal data
    • Liability of online platforms (aggregators and social media): user posts and fake news
    • Legal protection of content and databases
    • Personal data breach: unauthorized collection and use
  • Interpol


    • INTERPOL’s information system, notices, diffusions and the presumption of innocence
    • Preventive requests, requests for access, notice removal requests, application for revision: dos and don’ts
    • Asylum applications, asylum-seeker / refugee status and publication of notices or diffusions
    • Interpol red notice and diffusion and their execution by local law enforcement
    • Procedural guidelines for applications to the Commission for the Control of INTERPOL’s Files (CCF)
  • Information law


    • Regulation of modern information systems
    • Data protection and privacy: processing personal data
    • Failure of information systems
    • Digitalization and cybersecurity in courts
    • Trade secrets and digitalization
    • Client-attorney privilege and digitalization
    • Cross-border electronic document management and sensitive information
    • Non-disclosure agreements and international data breach litigation
  • Recognition and enforcement

    and enforcement

    • Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards
    • Forum (non) conveniens and document preparation
    • Recognition based on bilateral treaties and country-specific challenges in the absence of a bilateral treaty
    • Interim measures: how and when (freezing orders, injunctions, suspending debt recovery or enforced sale, etc)
  • Credits and Loans

    and Loans

    • Creditworthiness assessment: loan origination to residents and non-residents, both individuals and companies
    • Special-purpose loan for a foreign-invested project
    • Loan agreements with foreign banks and other credit institutions
    • Cross-border credit transfers
    • Non-performing loans: legal consequences
  • International law


  • International court of justice

    court of justice

    • Functions and jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice
    • Structure and content of the ICJ Statute
    • Advisory opinions of the ICJ
    • Proceedings in the International Court of Justice
    • Chambers, committees and judges ad hoc
    • Proceedings: times and costs
    • ICJ case-law: territorial disputes, disputes on the jurisdiction and legality of use of force
    • Pending cases and latest developments
    • The role of a lawyer in the International Court of Justice
  • International criminal law

    criminal law

    • International criminal justice: ICC vs International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals (ICTR, ICTY)
    • Functions and jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (ICC)
    • Investigation of international crimes
    • The UN Security Council referral mechanism
    • Trials in the international criminal court and tribunals
    • Witness protection programmes
    • Legal professionals and the ICC
    • The role of a lawyer in international criminal cases: non-staff practicing lawyers
  • International arbitration


    • Benefits of dispute resolution through international commercial arbitration
    • Seat of arbitration, procedural law (lex arbitri) and substantive law
    • Institutional or ad hoc arbitration
    • Industry arbitration
    • Complex multilateral arbitration
    • Powers, duties and jurisdiction of arbitral tribunals
    • Arbitration rules and procedures
    • Enforcement of the arbitral award, costs and arbitrators’ fees
  • Fashion law


    • Mergers & acquisitions and joint ventures in the fashion industry
    • Business development tools: from designers to international teams
    • Copyright, design rights, patents for inventions, utility models, trademarks, industrial designs, know-how and trade secrets
    • Registration of rights and protection tools against IP infringements
    • Compliance, certification and regulation of competition in the fashion world
    • “Consumer terrorism” and counterfeit goods
  • Maritime law


    • Maritime law vs. law of the sea
    • Sea transportation of goods and passengers: insurance claims for product damages / personal injuries
    • Seafaring shipping rules and regulations
    • Different types of charters: shipping, bareboat, time, and voyage charters
    • Maritime liens
    • Registration of ships, financing, purchase and leasing
    • Representing the interests of individuals (crew) and companies (ports, carriers, investors)
    • Legal issues related to the operation of the port, maintenance and servicing of sea vessels
    • Damages in maritime law
  • Tax planning


    • Individual taxation and tax residence
    • Taxation of different business entities
    • Double taxation treaties
    • Taxes on real estate rental income,
    • Social security contributions and tax incentives
    • International tax planning and choice of jurisdiction for your business
    • Tax optimization
  • Tax crimes


    • Understanding tax offences: notions of misdemeanour, felony and offence
    • Tax avoidance vs. tax evasion
    • Aggravated tax felonies
    • Tax evasion as a predicate offence for money laundering
    • Country-specific tax litigation
    • Interim measures: freezing orders and injunctions
  • Inheritance & Succession

    & Succession

    • Substantive law of succession
    • Title of transfer: movable and immovable property
    • Inheritance tax planning and succession planning
    • Succession risks and liabilities for the deceased’s debts
    • Foreign inheritance: taxes, rules and procedures
  • National law


  • Patent law


    • Functions and powers of the European Patent Organization (EPO)
    • Patent-related procedures at national and international level
    • Registration and protection of inventions, utility models and industrial designs
    • Patenting across different industries
    • Antitrust regulation and protection of patent rights in critical situations
    • Patent-related refund of fees
    • Patent disputes and double patenting disputes
    • Patent attorney: skills, profile and requirements
  • Asset search & Recovery

    search & Recovery

    • Different asset types, information sources, OSINT / HUMINT: where to start & what to analyze
    • Asset search tools and methodology
    • Analysis of corporate documents, electronic devices, recovery of deleted information, communication with insiders
    • Local asset search: corporate and judicial databases, media, archives, local and international watch-lists
  • Children’s rights


    • International child abduction: what to do
    • Establishing the habitual residence of the child: applicable law
    • Maintenance and property rights of children
    • National and international protection of children’s rights, including the Hague Convention
  • Human rights


    • European Convention on Human Rights: national implementation
    • Interim Measures (Rule 39 of the ECtHR Rules)
    • ECtHR case-law in criminal and civil law
    • Lodging an application to the ECtHR: rules and procedures
    • Legal fees for defence counsel
  • European Union (EU) law

    Union (EU) law

    • Basic documents and special protocols
    • Correlation of EU law and national law of the Member States
    • Free movement of goods, services, capital and persons
    • Antitrust regulation
    • The judicial system in the EU
    • Important precedents of the Court of Justice (ECJ)
    • Protection of human rights at EU and Council of Europe level
    • General dynamics and development trends in EU law
  • Entertainment law


    • Statutory regulation of the entertainment industry
    • IP protection tools
    • Infrastructure and intangible assets: brand, intellectual property, content
    • Sponsorship and advertising contracts in the entertainment industry
    • Implementation of technological changes
    • Digital transformation of operating models, products and services
  • Bankruptcy


    • Bankruptcy and debt restructuring for foreign nationals: procedures and interim measures
    • Bankruptcy and insolvency: duties and liabilities of directors and shareholders
    • Dealing with banks and government agencies during bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings
    • Challenging transactions in bankruptcy cases
    • Distressed Asset Sales: Bankruptcy and Out-of-Court Options
    • Financial recovery procedures
  • Division of matrimonial assets

    of matrimonial assets

    • Challenging a prenuptial agreement on property division: personal and matrimonial assets
    • Spousal property division: property settlement out-of-court and in court
    • Property division in a divorce
    • Searching for spouse’s property in different jurisdictions and divorce proceedings
    • Related issues of taxation and foreign judgment recognition and enforcement
  • Divorce


    • Mediation in family law during divorce proceedings
    • Dissolution of marriage and division of property located in a foreign state
    • Divorce and international child abduction by a foreign parent
    • Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments in family matters: international divorce and country-specific divorce with a foreign national
  • Company registration


    • Registration of companies, individual entrepreneurs, branches and representative offices of foreign companies
    • Tax identification number, tax residence and tax liabilities
    • Special-purpose loan for a foreign-invested projects and the use of foreign assets as collateral
    • International structuring, support of corporate transactions
    • Changing directors, shareholders and beneficiaries
  • Sanctions law


    • Imposing and lifting international sanctions
    • Sanctions screening: verifying business compliance against designated sanctions list
    • Managing sanctions risks for businesses
    • Administrative delisting procedures
    • Filing a petition for removal from a sanctions list and litigation in foreign courts
  • Crypto assets


    • Crypto assets in the modern economy: EU regulation and different approaches
    • Crypto assets in payment systems: case studies
    • Crypto assets as an investment tool: case studies
    • Structuring cross-broder projects
    • ICO projects — access to banking services, requirements for a project company, examples of specific cases
  • Real estate


    • The legal relationship between the intermediary and the buyer, the rights and obligations of the seller and the buyer when working through an agency
    • Purchase, sale and lease of commercial and non-commercial (residential) real estate
    • Due diligence and transaction terms when buying real estate under construction, real estate on the secondary market, or land plots for individual construction
  • Mergers & Acquisitions

    & Acquisitions

    • Foreign corporate law
    • Legal regulation of mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
    • Contract types for the purchase and sale of shares
    • Preliminary tax analysis, compliance with confidentiality conditions, letter of intent, due diligence of the proposed transaction
    • Practical examples of M&A transactions in different industries
  • International Sports Law

    Sports Law

    • International transfers and contracts with athletes
    • International anti-doping regulation, doping control and interaction with WADA
    • Legal issues related to the organization of major sporting events and regular international matches. Financial fair play rules
    • Specializing as a sports lawyer or international arbitrator at CAS
  • Sports contracts


    • International deals in sports
    • Athlete registration in a sport organization
    • Different types of sports contracts (training, employment, international transfer, buyout, etc)
    • Sports agents and contracts
    • Commercialization and protection of athlete’s image rights
    • International transfers
    • Collective responsibility
    • Employment agreements: negotiations, terms, amounts, bonuses, special conditions
    • Disciplinary proceedings for breach of contract
  • Comparative legal analysis

    legal analysis

    • Comparison of different jurisdictions and legal systems
    • Different arbitration centers: a comparative view
    • Legal profession across different jurisdictions: procedures, requirements and opportunities
    • Comparison of different legal institutions, concepts and procedures
    • Country-specific approaches to same-type legal issues
    • Multi-jurisdictional view on legal principles in practice
    • Jurisprudence and case-law
    • Adopting international, regional (EU, CoE, etc) and foreign legal experience
  • Legal requalification abroad

    requalification abroad

    • Country-specific requalification paths for foreign legal professionals
    • Codes of professional ethics and double qualification
    • Preparation and required documents
    • Exam: general vs. specific
    • Exams and continuing legal education
    • Disciplinary proceedings and disbarment
  • Judicial system


    • Judicial systems across various jurisdictions
    • Courts and tribunals of special jurisdiction
    • Country-specific peculiarities of legal proceedings
    • Judicial and non-judicial dispute resolution instruments
    • National and international courts
    • Exhaustion of domestic remedies on the way to the ECtHR
    • Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards
    • Challenging arbitration awards in courts
    • Career of a judge in different courts
  • Customs disputes


    • Country-specific customs system: benefits and tariff preferences
    • International customs system: rules and procedures
    • Customs disputes and jurisdictional issues
    • Customs value of goods and Trade Import and Export Classification (EU CN)
    • Trial and pre-trial resolution of customs disputes
  • Criminal prosecution


    • Criminal Law and Prosecution
    • Country-specific distinctions: criminal vs. administrative offences
    • Preferment of charges to a foreign national: modus operandi
    • Pre-trial investigation & arrest (in civil law countries)
    • Detention and bail: focus on foreign nationals
  • Legal case management

    case management

    • Legal case management (LCM): types of projects, cases and software
    • Legal case management software: resources, time, billing, communication and litigation support
    • Legal project management software: research, data mining, data storage and security, e-discovery
    • Centralization and decentralization of different functions: decision making systems
    • Expertise and appraisal of legal projects
    • Management of legal conflicts
    • Legal project development
    • Legal risks in the implementation of large projects
  • Advocacy


    • Core advocacy skills: case analysis, drafting and argumentation/persuasion techniques
    • Oral advocacy: making oral submissions, cross-examining witnesses in criminal trials, stating a strong and persuasive case
    • Mooting advocacy skills
    • Ethics and advocacy
    • Time-management in court
    • Witness examination as “display talk”: what judges / jurors need to hear and when to remain silent
    • How to prepare for court
    • Visualization tools and images
  • Third party funding

    party funding

    • Third party funding in litigation and arbitration
    • Third party funders: who are they and what do they do?
    • Working with litigation / arbitration funders: checklist and recommendations
    • Third party funding: case selection
    • Attracting third-party funders
    • Working with intermediaries to attract third-party funding
  • Franchising


    • Types and forms of franchising
    • Choosing a franchise: analysis of open resources, company dynamics, level of support, legal analysis
    • Franchise ratings
    • Franchising agreements
    • Confidential information and non-disclosure
    • Franchisor-Franchisee Independence and Joint Liability: domestic and international views
    • Changing franchising agreement and compliance
    • Litigation and franchising
  • Chemical weapons


    • Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, Stockpiling and Use of Chemical Weapons and on Their Destruction (CWC)
    • Chemical weapons and chemical weapons production facilities
    • Non-prohibited activities with toxic chemicals
    • Control measures, consultations, finding facts, rectification, sanctions
    • Legal cooperation
  • Environmental law


    • Environmental management and protection: domestic and international regulation
    • Environmental liability of individuals and companies
    • Transactions regarding natural resources
    • Litigation and ADR: title, ownership and exploitation of natural resources
    • Environmental harm and environmental crimes: illegal transport of hazardous waste, illegal trade and other
  • Extradition


    • International conventions and general provisions on extradition
    • Defence strategies in extradition process
    • Country-specific defence tactics in extradition proceedings
    • Pre-trial stage: procedural documents & extradition request
  • Legal marketing


    • Modern legal marketing: promotion of personal brand and legal services
    • Competent positioning, effective advertising, peer recommendations and customer reviews
    • Human resources, organizational design and change management
    • Optimization of budgeting processes, planning and interaction with counterparties
    • Frequent mistakes, general recommendations and life hacks
  • Legal profiling


    • Profiling in law and business: building a personality profile, recommendations and forecasts
    • Psychological methods in human behaviour assessment and prediction
    • Non-verbal cues in lie detection (facial expressions, gestures, speech)
    • Graphology and handwriting studies. Social engineering
    • International profiler: professional skills and requirements
  • E-commerce


    • Legal regulation of financial and trade transactions, business processes and computer networks
    • Information exchange, capital movement, e-money and e-trade, banking and marketing
    • Legal support of e-business and e-commerce
    • How to combat electronic frauds
    • Access control, authentication, transaction confirmation
    • Litigation and electronic commerce
  • Legal Tech


    • Report automation and execution regime: useful programs and applications
    • Smart contracts and intelligent document drafters
    • Tools and mathematical formulas for assessing legal risks
    • QR codes, big data and legal information management
    • Analytical programs: where the machine works better than the brain of a lawyer
    • Legal chatbots